More McCain possibility thoughts

I was giving some serious thought to Dick Morris’ idea that Obama may have peaked too soon. I’ve heard this argument in previous elections and have usually dismissed them. But Dick’s article has caused me to have a look at this idea in a different light. Obama has, in my humble opinion, peaked as far as any significant gain in support. I don’t believe he’s going to get any new real support. What’s left of the true undecideds are looking for a reason to vote McCain, or stay home (I believe this would be true regardless of who is trailing at this point in the election).

If this is true, Obama has peaked. Now consider the shrinking attention span of the U.S. voter. It’s not our fault really, it’s the seemingly endless information thown at us. We move on pretty quickly. I work in an environment where the public parades past me all day every day. It’s amazing how quickly the topic of the bail out is over, even though the money has not even been distributed yet! If McCain can consistently change the subject over the next few weeks, these will become the new issues. Acorn will be the next story, I can already see where this one is heading.

Dick Morris has this idea that voters will give Obama a second look because is the presumed winner. This might be true, but I also believe that Obama has gotten all of the votes he’s going to get (unless McCain gives any away), and the very topics that gave him his lead are literally yesterday’s news. John McCain can, should, and will push the next topic of discussions (again, Acorn).

By my estimates, our attention span is 10 days. That’s the appropriate time to peak. Not 4 weeks.