Wondering about the economy issue

I’m watching a few of the polls tighten, as one would expect as the end draws near. Most of what I read seems to attribute this to the VP debate or attack ads. I have a different theory. As we watch the financial crunch spread accross the entire globe, it becomes clear that this is much more than a U.S. issue.

Suppose for a minute that some voters start to see this as a more global issue, and as such, one that neither presidential candidate will have an immediate solution. If this is the case, than this is a pretty significant issue in the Obama column that becomes a bit moot.

If it’s perceived that the president of the U.S. will not solve the problem on their own, and we’re in this one for the long haul regardless of who holds the office, than the entire issue becomes a wash.

I certainly welcome any comment on this theory. It’s based on my own experience and how I see this issue, so it’s nothing more than an observation. However if true it could fly in the face of the notion that as this worsens, it benefits Obama. Initially this might be true, but it could get so bad that it outgrows Obama, and the more experienced candidate could look more attractive.