Strange Brew: When Not-Perry Candidates Attack…

I was greeted with a CASH ad on the Glen Beck website this morning. That’s the “group” of one Ron Paul supporter, Ronald or Rupert, (well some name beginning with the letter “R”) Morrow’s plea for some Bimbo to come forward to say they’ve had some kind of a relationship with Governor Rick Perry. Its disgusting. This so called public service ad has been around sine last August and has had no takers to date but the ad keeps popping up here and there anyway.

This is just one of Ron Paul’s fairly odd supporters. It appears that Ron Paul supporters are behind a lot of the attacks against Rick Perry since the beginning of this campaign but they are not alone in their stealthy attacks on a very competent Governor. Mitt Romney’s campaign seems to be aiding and abetting Paul supporters in these attacks.

Newt Gingrich inadvertently insinuated his attack on Ronmey into the Perry campaign when Governor Perry picked up the “Bain (of his existence) mantra” of “Vulture Capitalism”; which by the way Romney has used against his opponents in other political races.

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Shawn Hannity instantly picked up the attack lines of “coming from the left” and the “language of the left” charge against Gingrich but even more harshly against Rick Perry. The commentators are all men I respect and they are certainly smarter than me but they are missing the point. Something in state of Capitalism is broken. Crony Capitalism or Vulture Capitalism or whatever you want to call it has been on full display in recent years; especially since the Obama administration has come to power.

Its not envy to be disgusted by the antics of the CEO’s and top executives of huge conglomerate companies as they pillage smaller companies, bankrupt their own and then cry to the Government for relief, all the while reserving bonuses in the millions to one and other. They are all from the same gene pool of wealth and by God they will not commensurate with the little people. They will not take the hit. They needed a bailout to keep those millions and that money came directly out of the taxpayers pockets.

This is the capitalism the people see; so I believe Rick Perry and Gingrich are right about Rommey’s Bain problem. The Republican strategist believe they have insulated Mitt from Democrat attacks in a General election with Mitts defense of his own dabbling in downsizing companies. Actually they have given the Democrats cover for Obama’s partial nationalization of the Auto Industry. They removed a vital line of attack for Romney against Obama if he is the nominee.

That’s why Rick Perry is the answer! He’s a successful Governor of a successful state. He knows how to create the economic climate Venture Capitalist love to create companies and jobs in. He know how to provide opportunity and high paying jobs to his constituents. He knows how to deal with onerous regulation and frivolous lawsuits. He’s a plain spoken, non-Bush, Texan from a really small town. He’s had dirt in his hair and mud on his boots and he’s a Leader.

The Press, the campaigns, the spin-misters have all dumped on him and his message is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He’s, a man of faith, a loving husband and father, and generally one of us, the Tea Party people. He is the man we need and believe me, I think he can beat Obama. He is, for all intents and purposes, the Anti-Obama.

The fall battle is about so much more than politics. Its a battle of the dark forces of negativity, envy, greed and vainglory against good. Its a battle of America becoming a European Socialist welfare state or nourishing its roots of American Exceptionalism. Mitt Romney gives lip service to American Exceptionalism while practicing something much farther to left. Rick Perry is an exceptional man and  Governor who has earned the right to be in a position to foster American Exceptionalism at a national level. Please consider my words for what they’re worth. Right now that’s a cup of coffee and a vote of confidence for Governor Rick Perry.