Iowa or Insert State Here________ Republicans! Danger Ahead if You Don’t Heed the Warnings!

There is an old adage that says “success can only be achieved by the man who shows up”. It is true now and it will be true tomorrow. The problem is, what the heck are we doing by falling into the same old Democrat trap? We are showing up, but we aren’t connected to one another or to a winning strategy.

I know the election process is an eccentric, pliable situation but by holding on to our own particular biases we are defeating our purpose. We must pull ourselves together and look at some facts of who the Republican candidates really are:

  1. Mitt Romney. Wealthy, stalwart front runner; a repackaged John McCain without the hero status or charisma. Do we really need a repeat of 2008?
  2. Newt Gingrich. Problematic, part-time conservative. Would you buy a car from this guy without feeling he wasn’t telling you all the facts about your purchase. He is a snake oil salesman with a slick tongue and his hand in your back pocket. No real campaign structure and little money.
  3. Ron Paul. Isolationist, possibly racist [you can’t publish a newsletter without knowing what’s in it]. Cultist leader. Wacky persona with a lick of sincerity wrapped up in conspiracy theories. He has purloined money from all those college age potheads who love his stance on legalizing drugs.
  4. Jon Huntsman. A wealthy, former Ambassador to China under President Obama. A former Governor. A telling moderate in Conservative clothing. Not noticeable in a crowd.
  5. Michele Bachmann. A Tea Party, mother of 27, three term Congresswoman who just isn’t running in the right cycle. The country isn’t ready for a woman as President. Her campaign staff is defecting and she doesn’t have a big war chest.
  6. Rick Santorum. Former Senator, Conservative who unfortunately supported Arlen Specter who betrayed the Republican Party by switching to the Democrat Party before the 2008 election. I say this isn’t loyalty but a lack of judgment on Santorum’s part. Not a lot of substance in the money department.
  7. Rick Perry. I saved the best for last. Conservative in every sense of the word. He had a Gardisil problem which he has explained in great depth. Admits he made a mistake. Veteran. Job Creator. A man who can kick some Obama butt with those pointy Texas boots. Has a huge War Chest.

There you have the facts on the ground. Pick the best candidate you can and go out and support him or her. Don’t let the Democrats win by our disunity. Let’s put our boots on the ground. Round up your neighbors and support a winning candidate! The choice shouldn’t be that hard. Just vote for Rick Perry!