All Politics is Local

**Years ago, Democratic Speaker Tip O”Neill was quoted as saying that all politics is local. However, the liberal Democrats have forgotten that lesson. All economics is quite simple. The average American worker is interested in one thing–who puts money into his/her wallet and who takes money out.

**Increasing the tax burden on the American worker takes money out of his/her wallet. When he/she sees an increasing amount being taken out of their wallets to give tho those who do not or will work, they have a fundamental problem with that. The American worker also knows that increased government and government regulation does not put more money into his wallet–it takes money out.

**Now, lets be clear, the average Democrat is not a bad person, they have just been dupped into believing that the liberal Democratic Party has become the party of taking from those who have and giving to those who don’t. That is fundamentally wrong and is contrary to everything we as Americans have been taught to believe. Good to school, work hard and make something of yourself. I believe that. When did it become politically correct to go to school, tyou work hard and make something of someone else?

Wake up!

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