Use our Wallets and Purses in Service of the Cause

Use our Wallets and Purses in Service of the Cause

In any game or war or contest, each side needs to use its weapons and advantages.

The Left controls most of the cultural high ground, the MSM, Hollywood, the universities, the government run K12 schools, the music, TV, the liberal mainline churches and most of the foundations.

Conservatives control our wallets and purses, and we need to use them service of the cause of saving America.

We can’t cutoff our noses to spite our faces, but when we reasonably can, we should consider whether a company is advancing or undermining America and the values and principles that made her great, free and prosperous.

Companies may genuinely be liberal, but companies, particularly big companies, fear the Left; they don’t fear conservatives. That needs to change.

The best source of information I am aware of at this time is www.2ndvote.com They rate companies from 1 (most liberal) to 5 (most conservative).

There is a free app for your phone.

Even if the choice is between liberal companies, when reasonably possible, try to chose the less liberal company.

By way of example, Walmart is very liberal company rated 1.3 (out of 5). Target is marginally better at 1.8.