Proposed Resolution

The following is a resolution that I proposed at our last committee meeting.  It was tabled so that one individual could read it before we voted to adopt it.  Out of the several that usually come to the monthly meetings, this one individual is the only voting member that is against adopting it.

WCREC Resolution No.: 09/00001
Date: 10 March 2009
Authored By: Glendon D. Watts (Member At-Large)

Title of Resolution: Resolution to adhere to Religious values, American principles and conservative beliefs.

Purpose: We, the Wayne County Republican Executive Committee of West Virginia, do hereby resolve to stand firm in the teachings of All Mighty God, to the principles set forth in our U.S. Constitution by our nation’s founding fathers, adhere to the laws of the Constitution of West Virginia, and rise to the protection and defense of these.


Religion, along with our U.S. Constitution and America’s fundamental values and principles, have come under fire and are falling prey to socialism.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are no longer any different from one to the other. They bicker and gripe at the other while in the public eye, but behind closed doors they smack each other on the backs in recognition for their socialist ingenuity. Most who call themselves “conservatives” or “Republicans” have taken the Republican Party down a path where most true Americans cannot follow. This path has left the people with few choices as candidates for elected office, and individuals currently in these offices are not in public service for the good of our nation or the good of the people, but for their own self-righteousness and personal fulfillment. Our nation’s leaders aren’t going about the people’s business, or staying attuned to their constituency. These “leaders” are busying themselves by furthering socialist agendas and rewriting the U.S. Constitution through legislation, all the while finding new ways to secure their power in elected office. Our State leaders, though seemingly more conservative than those at the national level, are still playing a game of power politics, political correctness, cronyism, and self-elevation. These problems are not contained only in the executive and legislative branches of our government, but bleeds out into our judicial branches as well. Here in our State, as well as nationally, there has been an increased presence of activist judges overstepping their authority by legislating from the bench. Their findings on court cases are not anchored in the State or U.S. Constitutions, but in their own ideologies of socialism and justified through the policies of foreign nations.

Ours is no longer a debate of Conservatism versus Liberal. It is, however, a debate of Liberty versus Socialism. We, as a people, can no longer afford to blindly follow the Republican political party in name only. We must now resolve to stand strong to the principles and values that we all hold dear, especially in a time when our government has abandoned them.

We must now be resolute in the stand against an already socialist and would-be tyrannical form of government if they are left unchecked. Therefore, this Resolution, if passed, will in effect send a message across the State of West Virginia, that we, the people of the Wayne County Republican Executive Committee of West Virginia will no longer tolerate the current practices of government within our State or nation. We will aggressively seek a way to remove all those who willfully and purposely try to tear down the rights of Liberty afforded us by the grace of God, through our Constitution.

This Resolution will make it abundantly clear that we, the people of the Wayne County Republican Executive Committee of West Virginia, will not simply lay down our religious beliefs, values, and principles so that we can peacefully blend into the status quo of the Republican Party. We will promote a government “for the people, by the people” and do our part to turn our State and our Nation’s eyes once again to the leadership of Divine Providence. So help us God.

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