Union Attacks

I have just received an unconfirmed report of what can only be described as “union attacks.”  These attacks are described as two or three bus loads of individuals coming into a large retail corporation’s store chain, within the Ohio Valley region, and turning over racks and shelves of merchandise in order to intimidate the employees into voting for a measure that would permanently embed the union into the retail giant.  This comes at a time, less than six weeks, when our U.S. Congress is set to vote on a bill, “Secret Ballot Protection Act” (deceptive name ain’t it?), that will take the right away from American workers to vote by a secret ballot.  The bill will enable this and other unions to see which workers voted against the measure and then show those workers some “special attention.”  The stores are holding management meetings to prepare their people for the “attacks” if they were to happen.

This will ultimately do the same for this company as it did for the American auto industry.  The products’ prices will increase to compensate for the increase in employee pay and benefits, driving people to patronize other businesses to obtain the goods or services they require.  The government will then step in declaring the retail corporation “too big to fail.”  They will then bail out the company retaining a controlling interest in the company while keeping the union in place.  This would effectively begin the first stages of nationalized retail.

What say you?