Putting words into actions

Where to begin…..If anyone actually read my first post you will understand me when I say that I am actually acting upon what I have said instead of simply shouting out my frustrations. I have become a voting member of my county’s Republican committee and have just attended the West Virginia State Republican Committee’s Winter meeting that was held just this past Saturday. Not only did I get to rub elbows with several political figures I got a lot of good information as well.

Recently I introduced a proposal for a better website to the county committee. The current website allowed us to keep a presence on the web, but had pop ups and didn’t get the traffic that it should. I was asked to be a part of a sub-committee along with another of the other committee members to create a new website. I haven’t ever created a website before, but have just published our new site at www.waynecountygop.org. This is going to be an ongoing work in progress; as my knowledge with such things grows so will the development of the site. I would appreciate any suggestions; just send them to ([email protected]).

Part of where I’m going with this is that during the Chairman’s portion of the meeting, where I held the proxy for our chairman, I learned that our state committee offers technology based training to help get those up to speed with websites, video conferencing, and so on. I would suggest to anyone that may find themselves in the same position as I might contact your state level committee and see if they offer any of the training and/or ideas that would assist in getting you up to speed. I have already contacted our tech guy and look forward to any information that he has to offer.

Since I began attending the county meetings we have started having two meetings a month instead of just the one. It seems that now that we have ideas and plans that one meeting a month isn’t enough to keep the level of motivation going for those plans. I can only hope that the level of motivation holds out and we can reclaim our party and our country from a grass roots level.

Tonight I will be attending the second monthly meeting to discuss the progress since the meeting from a couple of weeks ago. As what I am involved in, much has been accomplished, and I have at least three more proposals to make to the committee to add to the growing list of things that we need to work on. We must not relent or cease pushing back the onslaught of socialism now plaguing our nation. I for one have resolved to Hold the line!