Even within the members of my own family do I find that hypocrisy runs rampant when it comes to standing up for what we believe.  We’ve all heard of the “fair weather protesters”, those who will demonstrate against various issues but only so long as the weather cooperates.  Such is the case, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to standing up for what you and/or I believe in by simply not taking part in something, banning something, or perhaps simply voting against something.  The “fair weather” part of this is the interference that standing up for or against something will cause in one’s daily routine of their existence.

A couple of years ago certain retailers chose not to promote Christmas, and to promote the homosexual agenda instead.  In return I, along with a number of others, chose not to spend our money at those retailers.  When I approached my family with this they decided that it wasn’t going to hurt for them to shop at these stores, but they would sit and condemn these retailers in the company of others.  They decided that it was too much of an interference on their lives to find someplace else to shop.  “What will you do when they all decide to do that” they would ask.  As a result of the vast numbers of dollars being lost by these retail outlets they decided to resend their decision and stay neutral in political issues.

Last December McDonald’s Corporation decided to begin supporting the homosexual agenda, and again I with a vast majority of people chose not to give them our business.  As a result they said that they will not renew their membership for this coming year in the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).  During the course of this year my family’s argument for their continued patronage of the McDonald’s foodchain was that their “measly dollar isn’t going to help or hurt anyone. What will you do when they all decide to do that” they would ask.  I wonder how many “measly” dollars they spent over the year, multiplied by all the other “measly” dollars of people  who share the same opinion.

Now, PepsiCo. is up to the same tricks.  Apparently they haven’t learned from the mistakes of the others.  And I have chose not to give any business to Pepsi.  My family, just tonight, as we spend New Year’s Eve together as we always do, could have went a block more to a place that sales Coke products, but that would have put them out too much.  They chose instead to make the argument that “it won’t hurt to drink a bottle of Pepsi ever once in a while.  What will you do when they all decide to do that” they would ask.

This time I choose to call HYPOCRITE! on them all, and to all of those who give lip service to their beliefs but won’t make nary a sacrifice in support of them.  Heaven forbid that you go without your precious BigMac and opt for a Whopper instead.  Oh, the untold horrors of having to drink something other than your sacred Pepsi! Let’s not pass up that great sale their having down at that retail outlet either – probably on a case of Pepsi!  I have a question for all of you so-called Christians out there – hypothetically speaking, not that it could EVER happen, but what will you do when after none of you has stood up against the evils of this world (because it was too much of a sacrafice) that they start forcing these things upon us?  I mean realy force them as to make it illegal to oppose any of it.  That could never happen, right? WRONG!  It’s happening now, but the hipocrites can’t see past their own self rightousness.  Don’t lift a finger, I wouldn’t want you to put yourselves out or anything.  I understand that it may be too much of a strain on you to do the right thing!  It’s okay though, I guess you can go to the altar and ask forgiveness because none of us are perfect right?  Or perhaps tithing will be enough to let you sleep at night.  Maybe just going to your father confessor or pastor will take care of that nagging little conscience.  Whatever it is that you’ve been doing just keep right on doing it.  But, it seems that I read someplace where it said “by their fruits ye shall know them” or something like that.  Where did I read that….I wonder.