Who is John Galt?

A lot of head scratching has been going on with BHO’s record-setting fund raising activities. $150 million in September alone? During an economic downturn?

Perhaps some pieces are finally starting to come together and explain some of the less than honest activities.

From Free Republic (via Atlas Shrugs)

Somebody, high up, has access to millions of credit card, and possibly debit card accounts. This is how it works: An apparent charge appears on your account, then through the correction process, it disappears. An unauthorized charge delivers the funds to control of an intermediary, and the intermediary then reimburses the original draft on the account. The intermediary is a wealthy consortium of manipulators, who take the small contribution (always less than $200, so as to avoid the reporting requirements of name and occupation of the original source), thus providing hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of “contributors”, and allowing ineligible contributors to cover up their participation. It would take the research of literally thousands of these accounts to uncover the pattern of “mistaken” charges, and if these accounts are held outside the US, there would be no overview of these transaction by any of the authorities that govern these transfers in this country. The only check on this is to review your own account, and those who had their accounts used in this manner. If individuals or corporate entities are already supporting Obama, or the Democrat National party, or any of the 527s that are anti-Republican, THEY are not going to say anything.

See a more complete analysis at http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/10/who-is-john-gal.html.

This would also help explain a $175,000 donor who didn’t even know it! (via Instapundit.

Still waiting for some crack journalist to jump on this one. Hell, one of them has to decide to be the next Woodward or Bernstein!

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