Go Get 'em Sarah!!

I do not get all the Palin criticism from the right. I get that the left is going to attack her. I mean that is what they do when they are threatened.

I am not the most educated person here, I tend to go with my gut. However, I agree with Erick…Sarah Palin is done with elected politics so I am not sure why the right needs to criticize her for resigning as governor of Alaska. If she is not going to run again then there is no “risk” in her moving on.

The attacks on her family are an embarrassment to this country and how we conduct our elections. I could see this type of behavior in some third world cat hole but not the USA.

Two things stood out to me in the 8 months since she has been on the scene.

1-    Was the silence from the so-called women’s groups that champion women in their quest for creating their own identity and being self-sufficient. Those groups have lost all credibility (what little they had) with me.

2-    That Sarah Palin was not the best choice to be VP. She has a tremendous amount of energy and a lot of potential  and with a little more seasoning she would have been a great choice for higher office in the future. However, not in 2008 and probably not in 2012.

John McCain showed his ineptness by picking her…I don’t blame Palin for accepting. Heck, I would have jumped at the chance if I were asked. But McCain neutralized the experience card by picking Palin. On the flip side, Palin was the ONLY reason that I gave McCain a second look. I was prepared to sit the last election out on the national level. Palin brought the energy that McCain is missing.

I think Palin is going to use her popularity to spread the conservative word while making a few bucks in the process. Why not, she has bills to pay and she took the bullet for McCain and his idiotic “anonymous” campaign staff so why not line her pockets.

I am fine with her resigning. We all have our own paths to take. What surprises me is all the criticism that she is taking from the right. Especially without knowing what she is planning to do. She doesn’t even know what she wants to do other than protecting her family from further attacks. As much as I like her and as much as I want her to succeed she still lacks the experience needed for that higher office.

If she is/was our best hope at winning the country back then what does that say about our party? There isn’t a single republican that makes me want to jump for joy? None of them are as articulate or have the vision to move us out the disaster that we are experiencing right now.

I am not looking for the next Ronald Reagan…there was only one of those and we will never see another like him, but someone has to step up and stake their own claim by going back to the values that Reagan lived by. It is a different time now and whomever wants to carry the torch has to be able to be nimble on their feet while also being to blaze their own trail and adjust as curve balls are thrown your way. Too many RINO’s want to be liked and invited to the “in” functions instead of making the hard decisions. As long as people worry about their place instead of the people they represent we as conservatives will continue to be mis represented.

That is a bad place to be…

I wish her luck and hope she beats all those who have it out for her but I never saw her as a savior let alone the answer.