To win the hearts and souls of the uninformed populace, polygamy would not be my play

Polygamy, as known to the masses, leaves a bad taste in the mouth (no pun intended, ok maybe a little one). Polygamy is associated with stories from the Old Testament and with the early days of Mormonism. It is associated with male dominance and female subjugation. Take a poll and most Americans would overwhelmingly be against polygamy. There would be bipartisan agreement against polygamy as it is commonly understood.  In order to gain traction and progress through incremental acceptance as seen with gay marriage, there has to be a victim. Someone needs to be denied that something that makes them feel whole. For a man to claim, he must have multiple wives just isn’t going to play well on either side of the aisle. However, under the banner of the group that is symbolized by the rainbow flag, there is still one group of people that are oppressed and not being allowed the wholeness that marriage offers- and that is the bisexual. The SCOTUS ruling takes the chains off of the L,G, & T to freely enter into matrimony in all 50 States. A man that loves a man and a woman or a woman who loves a woman and a man are wholly represented under the LGBT banner so now that 75% of the letters have found the constitutional right to marry, does the movement boot the last letter to the curb for expediency’s sake? For the uniformed populace, we have not only seen the acceptance of same-sex marriage but also have become sympathetic of the plight of the transgender. What makes the bisexual any different? Should they not also be extended the right to feel whole, to not feel ostracized by society for the choice that is right for them? When it comes to love, who are we to decide what is right for each individual? The SCOTUS ruling clearly did not uphold marriage as the cornerstone of the family unit; rather it asserted that “love is love” and each person has the “right” to find that dynamic in marriage that works for them.  To many, the victimhood of the bisexual is far more palatable than the polygamist for pushing this social science experiment in deviancy down the slippery slope.  Just my take.

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