De Blasio is no Martin Luther King and New York City ain't Selma

BESTPIX - 28th Annual Brooklyn Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hosted By BAMAnd yet, in a 70% White nation, that elected a Black president with more White votes than Gore or Clinton received, and a city where the police department is so disproportionately non-White that a prima facie case for reverse discrimination could be made, The (liberal Democrat) Mob is out in force in a city and state controlled wholesale by liberal Democrats.

Why? Because of a false narrative that America is rife with racist White cops murdering Black men. Never mind that there was no “hands up, don’t shoot” moment in Ferguson, Missouri or that a mixed-race Staten Island grand jury refused to indict a White police officer directed by a Black supervisor after a suspect in bad health resisted arrest and died.

Never mind that no American is denied the right to vote. Call out The Mob. Never mind that two revenge-assassinated police officers await their funeral. Call out The Mob. Never mind that the mayor from The Mob faction of the liberal Democrat Party asked that demonstrations be suspended until after the funerals.

The Mob has the right of free speech any time, any place and in any manner they choose. Except that actually, they don’t. Supreme Court decisions dating back to the 19th Century allow for government time, place and manner restrictions on the right of assembly. Ever heard of a parade permit?

Responsible leaders use their authority to diffuse tensions. They don’t encourage mass protests in the streets, as did President Barack Obama (imaginary father of Trayvon Martin) and Attorney General Eric Holder (when not calling Americans “race cowards). They don’t suggest that their own son should fear the police, as did New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Never mind if while Times Square, Fifth Avenue or the Broolyn Bridge are shut down that a fire truck, ambulance, or, God forbid, a police car can’t reach an actual victim in distress. The Mob will be heard, here and now! And please read my signs demanding a higher minimum wage, cross-dressers’ right to run the cash register at Korean mom and pop stores, and Cops Dead Now.

This is what you get when you elect Democrats that pal around with police station bombers like Bill (Weather Underground) Ayers, sit at the feet of Rev. Jeremiah (G-D/KKK America) Wright, and appoint attorney generals that hire lawyers who don’t think the Civil Rights Act protects Whites and refuse to indict billy club-wielding New Black Panthers manning polls in Philly.

We needed Martin Luther King Jr.’s marches. There were laws on the books prohibiting blacks from voting and MLK based his civil disobedience on Christian and American principles toward a concrete achievable goal. I say we needed the marches because they worked, but even then, the black civil rights attorney that won Brown v. Board, Thurgood Marshall, bemoaned mob action in the streets; preferring legal action in the courts instead.

But thanks only to  MLK’s specific brand of non-violent success, America did not suffer the usual fate of nations with crowds in the streets in the Third (banana republic) World in the 20th Century and France in the 18th. Our Founding Fathers even bemoaned the Boston Tea Party.

No, ours is a nation that makes policy based upon reasoned free speech in elections and at town halls, with votes to follow to throw out the bums at the polls; rather than intimidate in the streets, like a slogan-chanting lynch mob, the Thin Blue Line that holds back anarchy. And unlike in the 1960s, grand juries chosen from the whole electorate considered evidence and ruled in the ordinary course.

More broadly, the underlying assumption of the liberal Democrat Party – that Blacks and minorities can’t make it in America without their help due to mass and endemic White racism – is a BIG LIE. One that most Whites are sick and tired of hearing, including the South Carolina Whites that have [mc_name name=’Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S001184′ ] to the House and Senate as a Republican and those across the Fruited Plain that have hired Blacks in their businesses, shared a beer at local pubs with after work, intermarried, loved Oprah and admired Michael Jordan.

Is it only conservative Republicans that embrace the “content of character” message of Rev. King?

The biggest threat to the lives of all Americans – black and white, male and female, young and old, north and south – are liberal big government Democrats with their messages of envy, ginned up crises that divert attention from the real low wage economy wracked by their taxes and regulations that elevate the lives of rats threatened by extinction over human oil jobs, and affronts to Liberty that force us to buy Obamacare policies while restricting insurance options we can afford.

No, this is not the racist America of decades past. But just as Democrats were the party of racism from the Civil War through Jim Crow; so it is now Democrats that have run cities in the ground, kicked fathers out the house to make Uncle Sam daddy, and limited the nation’s economic prosperity to Wall Street and their cronies, all with race-based Jimmy Crow Jr. policies. Mustn’t have a “disparate impact” and if we can’t find an actual racist act, call it “institutional”.

It may well be that police techniques need to be tweaked and no doubt nanny state sin taxes need to be reduced so there is no need for “tobacco tax strike forces.” But what America really needs is for the non-police to once again be trained to be civilized citizens by families that interact with each other without an all-encompassing Big Government telling us how and when to put one foot in front of the other, all the while pitting one American against another.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford