Republicans in Congress should let Obama have his way

The only hope for an America that would reward such epic failure by re-electing Obama and a Democratic Senate, is to accelerate their re-education in the consequences of liberal Democrat economic policies.

Speaker John Boehner should announce that he has heard the voice of the people and will honor that voice by letting the President’s agenda be fully enacted so that there will be no doubt who owns the economy. We can’t obstruct enough to make a difference in the natural outcome of events, so why strain at gnats?

Let us make clear that we are doing this out of respect for the vote to re-hire Obama and to let the people have what they voted for. It took many decades to produce such an electorate and if the Titanic liberal culture can ever be turned around, it will only be after hard lessons are learned and the voters can easily assign blame.

I say, let’s get out of the way and let Americans have it all now, while some may still have a faint memory of the jewel of what was, and so might have a chance of choosing to return to Liberty rather than devolving into Third World status.

This lobster seems to need to feel an even greater boiling water heat. They chose it. Let them have it all. Reason doesn’t work with these people. They are beyond those appeals.

Time for tough love. Let the teenagers drive the car unrestricted and maybe we can recover after the inevitable car gets wrapped around the tree.

America now resembles the guy that jumped off the Empire State building only to decide to reverse course after descending to the 25th floor. He must suffer the natural consequences of his irrational acts before he can act to improve his lot.

Let them eat totalitarianism.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist – Examiner.com