Watercooler 10/10/2016 Open Thread: It doesn't matter!

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Clumsy attempts to avoid offending anyone do violence to the English language.

This week, the 127-year-old American Dialect Society voted the plural pronoun “they,” used as a singular pronoun, their Word of the Year…trying to depluralize “they” is an asinine effort, stemming from a stupid misunderstanding made by stupid people whom the ADS has chosen to indulge rather than to correct.
Those phrases and others on the list “widen the diversity gap” and do not “create a safe and inclusive environment,” according to the seven-page handout, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by a campus spokesman.

A growing number of U.S. cities and states moved to downplay Columbus Day — a federal holiday — in favor of the rebranded Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Something here, on the lighter side of life, and in keeping with the spirit of our ongoing debate about the language and culture.
In German, it’s “Das macht nichts!”…meaning “it doesn’t matter.” Life is so short, often too short, for folks to get so wrapped around the axle. So, let’s enjoy the open thread, and try to keep things in perspective…