Watercooler 9/26/2016 Open Thread: Actions vs. Words

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Convention of States Live Coverage.

The first ever Convention of States simulation took taking place in Colonial Williamsburg through September 23rd. Legislators from around the country convened for the event, a project founded by Citizens for Self Governance.

Conservatives Should Give Up And Let Liberals Finally Enact A Just Society

Across America, we conservatives are regarded as bigots and degenerates. We’ve been fingered as the sole cause of mass shootings and enablers of the impending climate apocalypse. Unless we act soon, we will be discarded into the dustbin of history.

Make Black Helicopters Great Again.

For a stress-induced headache you take an aspirin. What’s happening in the world today requires something much stronger.
Following the Convention of States inexorable and almost imperceptible progress is like watching Frodo and Sam moving through Mordor. It’s a republic, if we can keep it!
Enjoy the open thread…