Watercooler 6/13/2016 Open Thread: Hillary, Marx, and DC

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A ‘Special Prosecutor’ Is Still a Bad Idea in a Criminal Investigation of Clinton

You can set your watch by it: Whenever a scandal arises or intensifies in the scandal-plagued Obama administration, alarms go off calling for a “special prosecutor,” and I am constrained to respond (see, e.g., here) that this well-intentioned idea is a bad one. So it is with what even the Obama White House now concedes is the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.
Common sense is in the political arena right now in a big way. On the one hand, the federal leviathan and the ruling elite have declared war on common sense. Males who “identify” as females must be granted access to bathrooms and showers traditionally reserved for females, and illegal aliens must be granted the rights traditionally reserved for American citizens.
While some see this as a positive, many small businesses are still struggling to comply with a wage hike passed just two years ago. On July 1, D.C. businesses will have to comply with the final stage of the District’s Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2013, which mandated a $1 increase every summer for three years. Now, several local business owners are afraid they won’t be able to weather the regulatory storm.
I guess, if it were COMMON sense, then everyone would have it. I dunno…
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