Are we being played??

Now, I am not one to get paranoid. Normally. But I keep having these thoughts, and they will not go away. We all know about the “backroom deals”, vote selling, and all the rest of the garbage that makes up a “normal” day in Washington. We know this stuff goes on in the background. What’s different now, is that they are doing all this right out in the open ! The American people (rightfully) have their pride. And now we are being slapped in the face and told to shut up! The people are mad! No, past mad! And they are getting fed up. And they keep piling it on. Can’t rule out “Deem it Passed” for future bills like Cap and Tax, or Amnesty for Illegals. Can’t they see that they are pushing us past our limits?

They must see this. So what in the world are they trying to do? Hmmm.. If the people are pushed past their limits, and they explode into violence, what happens? If it is widespread enough, and bad enough, they would have to declare Martial Law. And I shudder to think about this president with that kind of power. But is has happened before. In Germany, though the methods were a little different. No, it couldn’t happen here, could it? Would someone PLEASE tell me that I am just getting paranoid in my old age? Please?