What we need to do

If we are going to have a chance to make some real changes in this party, I think there are several things we must do. First, we have got to start on the local level, and make sure that we start nominating real conservatives. That means working with the local party leaders wherever possible. If they do not want to listen, and some will not, remember that they were elected and can be replaced. Many times, information sharing (spreading the word) can be pretty poor at the local level. More often then not, it is a matter of money. Get creative. Everyone has a printer. Find good copy paper on sale and print your own flyers. They might explain what conservatism is and what we believe in. They might tell people what their elected officials are doing, good and bad. Remember, we can’t always be negative. Use your own ideas, but remember, we are trying let people know about our ideas and what we stand for. Hand the flyers out at Wal-Mart or the mall, put them on windshields, or take them door to door. If you find something that works well, like a program for designing flyers or a good way of getting them out, let the rest of us know about it. I realize that this is a lot of work. It does not have to be done all at once. Get your friends involved and make a party of it. It can be fun and you might make a lot of new friends. Part 2 to follow.