Stop the Banker's Bailout - this weekend! Spread the Word!

Stop the Banker’s Bailout – this weekend! Spread the Word!

Here’s why:

* Poor and Elderly - are hurt most by these bailouts!

Due to the new bailout inflation. * Weaken/Ignore those that caused this, Strengthen/Listen to those that warned us! * Mortage Lenders – no more bailouts for Mortgage pushers! * Prior Banking Executives – No guarantees for their personal accounts except existing FDIC. * No Bailouts for ‘Money Markets’, or at least not more the $50,000 total per family. * Assign some blame now! We never did, and never will for the 9-11 attacks. * Prison for Fraud! At least 3,000 Bankers and Government Officials first! * Fire Bernanke! – no more Inflation-ists. * Fire Paulson! – no more revolving door with Wall Street & Goldman Sachs. * USA already more socialist than China! – re: Jim Rogers, before these new bailouts. * USA a Banana Republic – if we keep bailing out! * Free Market Cleansing Needed – not more Government patch-up cash for cheating bankers and their fool clients. * Stand up to Chinese and International Banking debt holders! * Business is business; you snooze, you loose. * 10X Bigger than they claim! – they always underestimate! Fannie/Freddie is $2 trillion+, not 200 billion likely loss. * Coffee Shops – Who will we bail out next?

CALL, FAX, EMAIL Congress NOW! Yes, this weekend, after hours, leave a message!

1 (866) 340-9281 Ask for your senators and congressional representative!

ALSO, Call their local offices in your state! Click HERE to look them up: http://debateitall.com

Discuss the issues and strategy here: http://debateitall.com

Honest thrifty Americans will be sold out this weekend! If we don’t act.

Spread the Word!

State Warning: Get ready for bailouts at the state level! Insurance company annuities may be next.

— In Liberty, Grant Rostig

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