Vote Cuccinelli Virginia

Election day is today.  For two years, conservatives have been championing the bonafides of our Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli and his vision to create 60k new jobs in Virginia, continue a robust utilization of coal-fired power plants, protect women’s health, fight for the rights of the unborn, ensure that people claiming different sexual orientations aren’t claiming additional rights, acquitting wrongly convicted defendants, fighting the sex trade, standing up to bullying, holding climate change scientists to the highest possible standard, working to lower taxes, provide school choice, strengthening states’ rights, prevent the mentally ill from obtaining firearms while keeping the Second Amendment Strong and being tough on crime.

This is our guy.  I have nothing but love for this candidate.  Men in the public arena don’t get any better than Ken Cuccinelli, the father of a big, loving family who admits when he makes mistakes.  Virginia voters must remember to get out and vote for him along with Mark OBenshain and E.W. Jackson.  These are our guys! Please get out and vote for them.  The odds are against us but if we have exceptional conservative turnout or low democrat turnout this could go our way.  Pray, work the polls and tell your friends!

I’ll be voting for these three at lunch around noon –