The House can still win a one-year exemption

Yesterday, the Speaker of the House was unable to hoodwink conservatives into falling for a House compromise bill that did nothing to restrict the ill effects of Obamacare.  Likewise, House leadership was unable to convince their colleagues to allow themselves and Congressional staffs to be thrown into the Obamacare exchanges. 

This is a good thing. 

The Senate wouldn’t have taken up the House bill nor would it have passed even if it had. 

House Republicans successfully live to fight another day – IF THEY SO CHOOSE.  But panic is setting in throughout the caucus.  Republicans have to stand firm on the Obamacare issue.  Above all else, John Boehner and House leadership must continue to demand a full year exemption for all Americans under the individual mandate, at the very least. 

Many will now argue that the House will be left no choice but to be jammed by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  But why is this?

Has anything changed?  Has Barack Obama come to the negotiating table?  Are the effects of the Affordable Care Act less dangerous than they were two months ago?  Has Obama begun respecting the rights of Christians to not fund abortion in their healthcare plans?

The only thing that has changed is the debt ceiling deadline and House Republicans already offered to extend that for six weeks, it is Obama who is playing hardball.  Republicans should not be forced to cave because Dems are throwing a temper tantrum.   

It is not time to stop fighting, it is time to double-down. 

This current predicament was caused by leadership’s failure to keep the debt ceiling vote separate from the Continuing Resolution.  Now, people like John McCain want to lay a disaster at the feet of conservatives.  But we know there does not have to be a defeat.  The Obamacare rollout is a disaster, a one year exemption is firmly within the GOP’s grasp should they simply reach out and take it. 

See yesterday’s article on how Republicans should fight on the strategic level: