Does Terry McAuliffe want an "assault-weapons" ban in Virginia?

Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe recently met with New York City anti-gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Many news organizations have begun to speculate as to why.  Bloomberg has been going around the country pushing democrats to push his NYC gun beliefs on other areas of the country.  Could Bloomberg be attempting to recruit McAuliffe into his nationwide gun control legislation campaign?

This really is an important question.  Surely, no democrat politician in Virginia will come out for serious gun control legislation prior to an election, but what are McAuliffe’s plans?

The fact that McAuliffe hails from the Empire State and not the Old Dominion seems of equal importance.  Many people dismiss carpetbagging as an issue of a bygone era.  But McAuliffe has spent his adult life as a creature of the beltway, never visiting southwest, south side, central or Coastal Tidewater Virginia.  Politicians with a DC beltway mentality usurp individual rights as they believe they have the answers.  A personal value for the Second Amendment is something that is instilled in the majority of Virginia voters, but the same cannot be said of DC politicos or New Yorkers.

So far, McAuliffe’s position on guns has remained ambiguous.  He claims that he is for background checks in Virginia.  Yet all firearms dealers and sellers at gun shows are already required to use the Virginia State Police database to send through an electronic background check prior to selling a firearm.  Thus, McAuliffe, must be seeking to stop the private sales of firearms between law-abiding individuals prior to a background check.  This would effectively stop all firearm transactions outside of the government scope and enable the easy creation of a statewide database by Virginia State Police.

However, McAuliffe’s position on “assault weapons” could prove even more dangerous.  Obviously, real assault weapons — automatic guns are almost completely banned by the federal government.  So an “assault weapons” ban in Virginia would essentially be going after semi-automatic rifles that are painted black with an extra handle, and possible a greater capacity for firing.

When recently asked whether McAuliffe was in favor of an “assault weapons” ban, McAuliffe would not answer the question, leading many to believe that McAuliffe would be in favor of such a ban.  What does McAuliffe have up his sleeve?  He says he stands for responsible legislation, but who defines responsible?  McAuliffe purchased his first firearm in January of this year so that he could tout that he is a gun owner, but he is not in the spirit of Virginia gun owners.

Like many other Virginia values, we simply can’t trust an unknown quantity like McAuliffe to focus on jobs and the economy.  He is a Clinton ideologue that will prove more politically extreme and adverse to Virginia values than Ken Cuccinelli.  We can do better than Terry McAuliffe.