No war in Syria!

The United States is going to go to war with Syria.  The President won’t declare war and he won’t request Congressional authorization but American tax dollars are about to be used to fund the wartime killing of Syrians. 

This is a huge mistake.  The people of the United States do not need war with Syria.  American interests abroad do not require intervention in Syria.  The Obama Administration has stated that regime change is not the goal of an armed intervention.  Ending the war is not the goal.  Preventing more death by the regime against its citizens by chemical weapons may be an objective, but ending all deaths is not. 

It is difficult to see how this Administration’s arbitrary “red line” serves any real purpose other than involving us in another shooting war in the Middle East.

More to the point, what lasting impact does this kind of campaign yield to American interests?  We certainly can’t help Assad, the murderer hold onto his power.  But the devil you know is better than the one you don’t and helping to topple this regime, while possibly a good thing, holds no promise for a better situation for the Syrian people, the American people or the status of the region. 

And then there is the claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction and a dictator gassing his own citizens.  It sounds all too familiar.  This is a lose/lose situation for America.   

The sad truth is that American interests — preventing global commerce interruptions and domestic terrorist attacks – don’t require war with Syria. 

Going to war will yield no benefits.  We will remove Assad, sending a message to other dictators that we will stab them in the back at the first opportunity.  Syria’s new government will be filled with Islamic extremists.  Syria will be more likely to attack Israel directly and destabilize the region.  We will lose American blood and treasure.  We will indirectly kill innocent civilians which will create new enemies of America in the future.  War with Syria is a terrible, terrible idea. 

I didn’t vote for Obama.  But I assume that the people that did vote for him weren’t expecting a continuation of the Cheney/Bush policies of interfering in the internal fights of sovereign nations when we had no clear ally.