Top abortion clinic in VA is run out of business

Good news, this Monday morning!  Virginia’s most successful abortion clinic, NOVA is closing.  This clinic was a top clinic, in terms of its output.  NOVA terminated 3,066 lives in 2012 and 3,567 lives in 2011.  A NARAL spokeswoman stated that NOVA was “forced to move [“because of the new regulations” and that it is] a testament to the barriers these providers face.”  These “barriers” save lives and we should thank God for this recent blessing in Virginia.

All in all, the facility was in violation of new city and state ordinances not to mention being in violation of its lease agreement. 

I personally find this to be a truly heartwarming grassroots story.  National republicans have no interest in altering abortion laws, so the states have stepped in as leaders on these issues.  In twenty years, the number of abortion clinics in the nation has dropped from well over 2,100 to just over 600.  Abortionists argue that the closing of clinics like NOVA will endanger women or something.  The truth is that less abortion clinics will necessarily require more women’s health facilities that are looking out for mothers and children’s health alike.  Virginia is one southern state (or Commonwealth) that has been slow to provide protection from fetal pain and death after viability to the unborn.  But these moves are a step in the right direction.

We do not delight in lost jobs or loss of accessible healthcare.  But we know that the best thing for all Americans, especially future-unborn Americans is less opportunity for the taking of life.  Congratulations to all of the private groups and citizens that counseled women outside of this clinic and worked to close it.

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