A national fetal pain bill

Earlier this week the House of Representatives passed a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks (except for rape and incest).  The 20 week mark wasn’t arbitrarily chosen.  The mark represented the point and time that unborn children begin to experience pain.

While critics admit that “the neural circuitry that culminates in pain perception begins to form long before 20 weeks” they argue that “most researchers believe that the signals conveyed by this circuitry aren’t perceived as pain until the brain develops that perceptive capacity well after 20 weeks.”  Whether babies an sense danger or death, critics haven’t said.

Also, 4 in 5 dentists recommend Colgate toothpaste over other brands.  It’s easy to pull statistics out of one’s ass, but  the “most researchers agree” assertion goes against common sense.

It is at twenty weeks that an ultrasound of an abortion procedure clearly shows what is known as the silent scream.  Ultrasounds show these unborn babies sensing danger when a trespassing object enters the womb.  That young baby will shuffle and dance like a skilled running back trying to avoid that needle from entering her.  When the needle enters the child or the forceps start pulling her apart, she makes a motion of agony consistent with the reaction of a born human being’s reaction to pain.

This is a scientific issue that has become a humanitarian one.  And 2013 marks its entrance into the mainstream dialogue thanks to some courageous republicans for forcing a vote on this in light of the recent abuses of life by the abortion industry.

Democrats want abortion, so let’s make them defend it.  This is the ground we should be fighting on.  They spent two years discussing the war on women.  Discussing the humanitarian problem of the death penalty without pain killers is something that needs this kind of attention.  I salute the House for its efforts.  I hope this is the first of many of these votes.

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