How many “R---“ words happen every year?

Yesterday, one of our dumbass Congressmen stated that pregnancies resulting from the “R—“ word are rare.  And like a teenager sitting by the phone, waiting for that call from his girlfriend, Democrats were all-too excited to declare that his statistical claim was code for a “WAR on women!” 

5% of r-words result in pregnancy.  A study in 1996 stated that 32,000 women experience a r—word-related pregnancy every year.  Another study around the same time indicated that 3,200 pregnancies resulted from r— word each year.  Many pro-lifers want to differentiate between assault r—word, date r—word and statutory r— word. 

Our leaders must do us all a favor.  Don’t distinguish different r— words.  It doesn’t help anything.  It doesn’t win arguments.  It doesn’t change hearts or minds.  When talking about abortion, don’t use the word r—.  Don’t reference it, don’t say that it is “simply a small percentage of pregnancies and as terrible as it is…[anything].”  The sharks are waiting in the water and that word spreads like blood in water quickly. 

It doesn’t matter how many r—s happen every year.  We should be talking about how we can lower the number of attacks.  For the pro-lifer, there is only the protection of all human life.  The distinction originates on the left.  Let the Ted Kennedys of this age spread fear like poison.  We want to protect all innocent human life.  Where that innocent human life originates from is not a part of our abortion analysis.  This debate is being framed by those hostile to innocent life and we shouldn’t take part in it.  We can’t allow them to make the rules.

Every human life is precious and valuable in the sight of our righteous God and ourselves.  That should be the terms we begin with.

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