Thank GOODNESS Bob Dole could NOT make it in today’s GOP

Failed GOP presidential candidate, former Senator Bob Dole (R-KS) recently complained that he wouldn’t be able to make it in today’s Grand Old Republican Party.  He is right.  And thank your lucky stars for that.

Dole went on to opine about what Republicans should do leading up to the next election.  He suggested that maybe the GOP headquarters should shut down for the rest of the year and just discuss strategy.  Obviously, this comes straight out of Bob Dole’s playbook for how to get shellacked in a presidential election.  In 1996, Senator Dole received 159 electoral votes, to President Clinton’s 379.  That is a 2-1 margin for those counting.  Bill Clinton should be arrested because that is an electoral assault and battery.

What Mr. Dole doesn’t seem to grasp is that as Thomas Jefferson stated, “the Earth belongs to the living.”  Every generation, each political party must undergo a metamorphosis to reflect the views of its members or it will die.  Following the 2006 and 2008 elections, a 2009 TIME magazine cover stated that the GOP was an “Endangered Species.”  Like the Federalists and the Whigs, or the abolitionists, mugwumps, prohibitionists, socialists and silent majority, all good things must end.  Whether it is the square dealers, the new dealers or the fair dealers, political movements come to a close as conclusions are reached or more pertinent ones arise.

The new faces in the Republican Party are the answer for a party that was once labeled endangered.

Bob Dole’s Republican Party was a party which was hostile to true social and fiscal conservatives.  That is why he was trumped by Clinton and that is why he is irrelevant today.  Anyone can claim that their way is superior, but if he cannot communicate his ideas and create or strengthen a movement he is simply full of hot air.

The Republicans that hail from Dole’s time offered conservative big government solutions to combat moderately liberal big government solutions.  Americans want contrast not copy cats.  It was Bob Dole’s neoconservative view of worldwide intervention, big spending and government growth that led to devastating losses in 2006 and 2008 that yielded a Congress that settled us with Obamacare.  Seriously.  The same class of Senators that Dole worked with in the 1990’s were the Senate leaders pushing through the Bush agenda in the 00’s of Medicare expansion, Department of Education expansion and military expansion.

Bob Dole says that “Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly, Nixon couldn’t have made it, cause he had ideas. We might’ve made it, but I doubt it.”

I feel alright about Nixon not being part of our current GOP.
His ideas were to create the EPA and hire thugs to break into the offices of his political opponents.

Dole misses the point of change.  The reason Reagan wouldn’t make it today if he was transplanted into the future is because he was a special man built for a special time.  His rise was in response to the problems of the age.  Stopping the Soviets just doesn’t resonate as it once did.  Does anyone think that FDR could get elected to four consecutive terms (barring the 22nd Amendment) today?  Would Grover Cleveland’s message of fiscal conservatism win him two terms as a Democrat President in 2013?

Times change and people like Bob Dole, or wacko birds like John McCain will eventually recognize the writing on the wall.  The party has left them behind and that is ok.  Reagan was a hero in his time.  And conservatives and liberals alike that accomplished great things should be revered and honored but they shouldn’t overstay their welcome.  The fact that the GOP is nothing like the losers of the 1996 is a good thing.  It shows that the party is alive and vibrant.  Bob Dole and Joe Scarborough may want to shut the GOP down for the rest of the year to discuss strategy, but while they do that the new class of recruits is getting results.  Rand Paul has forced a conversation on Constitutional Rights, Ted Cruz is making a difference on fiscal matters and Marco Rubio is the only person in the nation that can push through immigration reform this year.  I’d say we are better off without failed candidates that want to bring us back to failure.

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