Obama Administration turns on media


The United States Department of Justice seized records from Associated Press phone lines over a two month period.  This includes over twenty separate lines, in multiple offices, incoming and outgoing call logs, along with the duration of the conversations.  It includes home and cell phone records.

Essentially, the White House wants to know who has been leaking information to the press – not a dastardly motive.  Yet, one can’t help but wonder whether the leak warrants such a large infringement on the media’s First Amendment rights.

And even if it is, are over twenty phone lines in five different cities, including cell phones and home phones really the narrowest manner in which to subpoena documents? 

This latest scandal from the Administration falls right in line with the consistent disregard for this nation’s collective constitutional rights.  Obama and Holder have walked all over the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and attempted to do the same with the Second.  Obamacare, led by the President and Kathleen Sibelius have consciously disregarded the First Amendment right of faith-based organizations to practice their religion without interference from the government.  Now they are at it again.

This request for information appears to be more of a fishing expedition for broad swaths of information than a narrow request into a national security matter.

Eric Holder is a disaster.  As Attorney General, he has chosen not to defend certain laws on the books.  Meanwhile, he has chosen to go forward with dangerous entanglements like Project Gun Runner.  As far as I can tell, this is simply the latest in a series of abuses of power that he is involved in.  Eric Holder needs to be dismissed from his post.  His position is a tough one that not many attorneys could handle.  But he has proven inept and incompetent in the art of upholding the Constitution, his sole purpose. 

Alberto Gonzalez was run out of town for political appointments.  His actions had the appearance of impropriety.  Holder has embraced a full out assault on the press and that should scare all of us.  NYT Editor Margaret Sullivan and Marty Baron, the Executive Editor of the Washington post have separately labeled the Administration’s action “disturbing.”  Markos Moulitsas labeled it the “first legit [scandal]” of the Administration.  Obama’s house is not in order and it seems like someone’s Constitutional rights are being infringed by every action taken by Obama.  Let’s hope this brings some semblance to the media’s biased coverage of the Administration.