Our late-term abortion reform mandate

The Kermit Gosnell murders have presented America with a mandate to reform the way we handle late term abortions in this country.  The business pressures along with the problem of the double client create conflicts of interest that are too strong.

See here:   http://griffinelection.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/the-gosnell-murders-create-a-mandate-for-late-term-abortion-reform/

Since we first addressed the mandate, the Live Action video has been released by Lila Rose of a Washington D.C. abortionist advocating flushing a live baby down a toilet, or dropping her into a jar of saline solution.  These people aren’t alone.    

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell has now been found guilty of murder.  Maybe he’ll get life in prison, maybe he’ll be sentenced to death.  I’m betting he won’t be sentenced to death by scissor cut to the spinal cord, as he did to so many others. 

Yet, abortionists were clear yesterday.  In their view, restricting abortions would only lead to more gory-Gosnell-type-murders.  Thus, their solution is not only to retain the status quo, but to broaden and create a less-restrictive environment in which to butcher.  NARAL President Ilyse Hogue stated that, “[a]nti-choice politicians, and their unrelenting efforts to deny women access to safe and legal abortion care, will only drive more women to back-alley butchers like Kermit Gosnell.”

So, “the pro-lifer made me do it” defense is omnipresent.  But NARAL is lying.  No one standing for life had anything to do with newborn babies trying to climb their way out of a toilet, they had nothing to do with jars on display housing the parts of baby fetuses, or blood stains on the clinic floor.  Pro-life politicians had nothing to do with cats with fleas walking the halls of this clinic, they had nothing to do with the unregulated clinic’s failure to sanitize supplies and it had nothing to do with the death of Kindergarten teacher, Jennifer Morbelli in February of 2013 at the hands of Democrat hero, LeRoy Carhart during a botched abortion. 

NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the Democrat party should be made to answer for the mother that Gosnell was convicted of killing (manslaughter).  They don’t passively allow it, they actively battle for it.

This fight is a righteous fight and we must work to insure that this never happens again.  These babies are human and deserve the protection of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment’s promise of trial before death. 

The testimony showed that one aborted baby was so large at 30 weeks that Gosnell joked that he could “walk to the bus” stop.  One baby was alive outside of the womb for twenty minutes before Gosnell and his team killed her.  And Baby “E” let out a soft cry before Gosnell cut her neck. 

We have a mandate to change this.  We have to.  America will get on board for restrictions.  We have proof of what the alternative provides.

We can do better.  We have to do better.


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