Standing Strong on the Constitution

Standing Strong on the Constitution

This week, Senate Democrats will seek to create a new and overarching federal program that allows the federal government to infringe on every American’s Constitutional right to acquire and bear arms.  Democrats plan to introduce universal background checks for all law-abiding Americans.  We shouldn’t let them.

Don’t be fooled.  Background checks alone are worthless.  These checks must co-exist with newer anti-ownership regs along with a more robust enforcement of what we already have.  If this goes through, Washington D.C. will be interfering in every commercial transaction in the country.  It is too much.  A government big enough to potentially stop any firearm transaction is powerful enough to stop most firearm transactions.

Bureaucracies only grow in power and this will be no different.  Police actions must be left to state police.  Once buracratic divisions are created to clamp down on Americans, they will only seek to increase funding, influence and power.  But most importantly, digital data is never truly erased, and background check information will be property of the state.

As many D’s have openly argued, this bill will lead to a universal gun registry where the FBI and CIA will know how many guns every American possesses, even down to the make and model of the firearm.  Tonight, anti-Second Amendment activist Piers Morgan wondered aloud why a universal gun registry would even be a problem.  This is a stepping stone to greater control of our guns.

Our Constitutional rights were given to us for a reason.  If today’s leaders believe that the Second Amendment is too broad, they should seek to amend the Amendment or repeal it entirely.  But one partisan Congress doesn’t have the authority to unilaterally restrict gun rights.

Constitutionally, this is an obvious encumbrance that acts to infringe on a citizen’s right to bear arms.  Morally, it does nothing to get firearms out of the hands of killers.  Politically, it only excites out-of-touch elites and “low information voters.”

There is no upside for Republicans that want to allow this to come to the floor for a vote.  This should be filibustered.  Unfortunately, the Republican turncoats, namely Lindsey Graham and John McCain have vowed to vote for cloture, opening the door to these new gun laws.  But there really is no upside at all on this bill.  It won’t save lives, or keep weapons out of the hands of criminals who are already prevented from buying legally by state laws or decrease the number of weapons sold.  This is a good step for “gun-grabbers” to build upon in the future.  And thus, any Constitution-loving conservative should oppose it vehemently by denying cloture.

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