Mark Sanford: unfit for office

In the coming days, disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford will face off against Curtis Bostic in the Republican nomination run-off for Tim Scott’s now-open House Seat. 

Voters may or may not be bothered by a sitting Governor who is unfaithful to his wife while at the same time posing as a family values candidate.  Politicians have been known to cheat on their spouses and the American electorate has been known to forgive them.  However, Sanford’s infidelity is a different situation altogether.  Governor Sanford, lied to his staff and state legislators, not to mention his family when he fled the country to visit his lover.  Had there been a state of emergency, Sanford would have been nowhere to be found.  It is unthinkable that the Republican party can accept this as responsible leadership. 

Now, Sanford wants to return to Congress.  Erick Erickson has endorsed him.  He may be the most conservative candidate available.  But where does this leave the conservative movement in South Carolina if we need admitted liars and cheats to carry our banner?  Is Sanford really an heir apparent to Jim DeMint’s conservative legacy in South Carolina?  The entire thing stinks so bad that I can smell it all the way up here in Virginia.  This is dangerous.  Voters may hand the GOP what it deserves in November by electing Colbert’s sister to the House.  I wouldn’t take the chance on voting for Mark Sanford for office.

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