Ruled by politicians

The quality of leadership in America tends to ebb and flow.  Obviously, we’re at a low point right now, not just because of the dismal Obama experiment but because of Republican and Democrat leadership on Capitol Hill.  The past century’s advent of polling data seems to have permanently altered the character of politicians negatively.

We are now ruled by politicians.  I would prefer to think that America is governed by statesmen, but this week the opposite has been proven true.  First, the former secretary of state checked her polls and saw that it was a good time to endorse homosexuals entering into a marriage as national policy.  Then it was a drove of R and D Senators coming out in support of homosexual marriage.  The President pulled this stunt last year.  These pols were all candidates that had campaigned against homosexual “marriage” during the campaigns.  When they were asking for your vote AND your money, they held one belief, now they hold another. 

The pertinent question is whether they were lying then or if they are lying now? 

SCOTUS has now taken up the Federal Constitutionality of state Constitutions defining marriage.  They will also be addressing DOMA which prevents one state from imposing its marriage values on other states. 

Obviously, marriage is not in the Constitution and thus should not be addressed by the High Court, although DOMA is within its discretion as it concerns the full faith and credit clause.

The correct holding, whether it be based on standing or some other technicality is for the Supreme Court to allow states to continue to define marriage for themselves and allow the Tenth Amendment to protect those definitions against the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

Less than a fifth of states have legislated in favor of creating a new subset of marriage in favor of a homosexual lifestyle, and the majority of those were court ordered.  The reality is that the majority of Americans still don’t accept homosexual relationships as eligible for marriage.  (Don’t throw polls at me that fail to take into account questions that allow people to answer without being made to feel like bigots)  While that seems to be                 quickly changing, it would be nice to have leaders that were honest about their belief system.  I have been appalled by the race to backtrack by so many in the United States Senate.

I realize this is an old refrain but we need leaders and the Tea Party guys seem to be the only ones providing it.  Rand Paul is talking about legalizing marijuana, that can’t carry a political benefit in the GOP.  That is the kind of honesty that I find refreshing.  You’ve got some D’s out there, that while they scare me, are showing leadership like Sherrod Brown on banking and red state D’s on guns.  Some of these views may be political suicide, but at least we are getting a good feel for where they’re at. 

What I don’t appreciate is wishy-washy, poll tested positions.  That is exactly what you are seeing from a lot of these cultural turncoats.  It make you wonder what other viewpoints they are hiding.

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