Why is Paul Ryan misleading us on Obamacare?

 House Republicans, led by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), are attempting to make you believe that they are defunding Obamacare.  They can say so because Ryan budget does just that.  But this is the same budget that has no hope of being taken up by the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate.  The applicable governing law that will be passed by both legislative bodies and signed by the President is the Continuing Resolution (CR).    

What will fund the government is the CR.  A vote for the CR is a vote to keep the government running on its current trajectory for a shorter period of time than a budget vote could.  Also, the CR continues to fund the Affordable Health program going forward.  So in essence, although Republicans control an entire House of the legislature, they are too weak and timid to use the power of the purse to defund a program that will lead to bankruptcy.

No Congressmen or Senator can tell us he is fighting 100% against Obamacare while voting to implement it.  Paul Ryan’s budget is in the middle of this as he continues to mislead voters.  He continues to state that his budget defunds Obamacare while failing to mention that it is as relevant as his Young Guns book.  Ryan can only talk down to us for so long.  We need leadership.  This is an unpopular program and Republicans have the numbers to block its implementation indefinitely as it defunds Medicare.  This is a winning issue, if Ryan ever wants to move out of a district in Wisconsin, he may want to demonstrate some leadership – on his pet issues.  We aren’t going to get it from Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy.  We need leaders who are willing to defund Obamacare in earnest, before its too late.