Losing faith in teacher unions

Republicans in the Alabama state government recently passed an education bill that will allow parents of children in underperforming schools to be given tax credits to send their children to schools that are actually succeeding in educating children – whether they are public or private. 

A bit surprisingly, state Democrats opposed the measure saying that it opened the door to . . . school vouchers. 

This is a huge win for the Alabama GOP and the state in general.  But more than that, this is life altering for the children from poor families in failing school systems.  America’s public school system is in shambles, with American test scores ranking at the bottom of competitive nations in almost every category.  Meanwhile, democrats that represent teachers unions and administrations not wanting to lose funding oppose giving low income children the opportunities that most of them had. 

There are issues that Republicans are right on – abortion and low taxes.  There are issues Democrats are right on – immigration and infrastructure.  But providing new and alternative opportunities for poor children should be something we all agree on. 

It is nice to give every politician the benefit of the doubt that they are acting in good faith when they go to state capitols to lead.  However, we can no longer consider anyone that opposes tax breaks for the parents of underprivileged children, in order to provide them with a better education, to be acting in good faith.  These politicians are in the pocket of lobbyists and unions.  And it needs to stop. 

The President likes to talk about school loans and the ability to go to college, yet the most effective education a person can receive is in his or her earliest years.  Children need a firm foundation established before they can go on to build onto their knowledge in search of a vocation. 

I am so proud of Alabama for taking this extraordinary step to protect the least among us, in spite of the lobbyists.  Last year the “education” lobby blocked a bill to help underprivileged children.  Vouchers, tax breaks, and the choice of alternative schools – these are the keys to making American students number one in the world again.  The best way to eliminate racial inequality is to allow black and Hispanic children to attend better schools.  If private schools grow, they will hire more teachers.  This is a win/win/win for everyone involved.  Competition in schools is the future.

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