Are DC Republicans purposely shrinking the GOP tent?

Fresh off Republican Governor Bob McDonnell’s tax hike law in Virginia this past weekend, DC fundraising republicans are attacking Ken Cuccinelli.  Anonymous media sources have lodged their disapproval of Republican Gubernatorial nominee, Ken Cuccinelli.  Apparently, at least two, rich, country club republicans went really hard after the AG at a DC fundraiser last week. 

These Republicans weren’t concerned that he wasn’t pro-business or pro-growth enough….. They were upset that he was a social conservative.  Apparently, they wanted a moderate.  They both have pledged to support Bill Bolling in order to ensure a Republican defeat in the fall.  To be fair, they also said they would support Tom Davis acting as the spoiler ensuring a Republican defeat in the fall.  The point is, they’re committed to a Republican defeat in the fall. 

Conservatives are always being lectured to by ominous, faceless DC insider, party leaders that the right wing needs to be more inclusive.  Conservatives are blamed for repelling new voters from the big tent.  It is the conservatives that are blamed for a shrinking tent.    

But the AG doesn’t actually do that.  He has won two contests in northern Virginia as well as a statewide race.  His campaign is focused on transportation, health care and electricity costs. 

That takes me to Bill Bolling and his unofficial team of hatchet job muckrakers.  Apparently, there is a groundswell for a Bill Bolling third party run for governor.  Yes it is true.  Now, although I am a politically active resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I have never met a Bill Bolling supporter, but the DC rags are aflutter with an independent bid, so I’m going to assume it is true.  Apparently, the people at the upper echelons aren’t pleased with the AG, so they plan on lambasting him in the media, even though he has already locked up all the delegates he needs going into November.

So to set the record straight, the primary is over.  He is now running unopposed and there is overwhelming 3-1 support for him.  A June poll showed Cuccinelli up 51% to 15% over Bolling in the Republican primary.  So Bolling dropped out and has essentially pledged to take his 15% support away from the Republicans in order to hand the Governor’s mansion over to Democrats.  His supporters are now acting to sabotage the Republicans nominee for Governor.

Since no one thinks Bolling can legitimately beat the Democrat in this race, one has to wonder whether the GOP donor class is actively moving to sabotage Cuccinelli’s campaign in order to ensure there are no more “firebrand” conservatives for a long, long time. 

Bolling, Crist, Murkowski — these people talk about a big tent, but when push comes to shove they would rather burn down the tent and everyone inside than respect the will of their party’s electorate.  No one likes Bill Bolling because he is boring, unaccomplished (legislatively speaking) and generally unattractive.  He stands for nothing.  He constantly lectures Republicans but never democrats.  He supports raising our taxes but has never fought to cut them.  He is an empty suit. 

Maybe Karl Rove or someone with half a brain will push back against any liberal spoilers and protect candidates trying to expand the tent like the AG.  Party leaders need to get the message that they can nominate all of the Romney’s in the world but unless they include social conservatives, they can’t win elections.  Whether they like it or not.

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