1.6 billion bullets for domestic use

The story that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition is going mainstream.  It began as a story for Alex Jones and WorldNet but is quickly making its way into the mainstream. 

Liberals will continue to view concern over DHS’s arsenal as conspiracy theorist.  But many conservatives seem to be uniting in asking why DHS needs that many bullets.

The Founding Fathers believed that a standing army was antithetical to what America stood for.  They believed that a standing army was dangerous to the citizenry.  This should be our default position even today.  We should start with the premise that a standing army is a bad thing for a nation. 

Next, we must realize that the reality of foreign threats necessitates that we keep and maintain a standing army in the U.S. today.  Conservatives can’t really have much of a problem with this.  The military is a welcome part of our national defense both here and abroad.

But the Department of Homeland Security does not fit into that bill.  DHS is of course the Republican created bureaucracy to protect against terroristic threats at home.  The government agency’s main focus is to repel terrorist threats at home.  Presumably, Timothy McVeigh and 9/11 attackers are the kind of threats the agency is preparing to stop.

But with the recent revelation that DHS has purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition, Americans have to ask why a domestic force requires enough ammunition to become involved in a hot war.  There is not, nor is there evidence to support the idea, that there is an army within the continental United States that requires this much firepower. 

This government is by and for the people.  In effect, we, the people are in charge of the government.  Without asserting any conspiracy theories, we have to pose the simple question – why does DHS need over a billion bullets?  DHS claims it is for training purposes.  So again, we the people must ask what DHS is training for.  It has been said that this much ammunition would supply the U.S. Army for 24 years at the rate ammunition was used in the hottest portions of the Iraq war. 

No one should begrudge American taxpayers from feeling uncomfortable with a domestic army being raised and armed with a vague purpose, agenda and goal and enough ammunition to fight for decades.  As this story continues to move through the American conscious, POTUS owes the people who elected him, an explanation as to why his agency has taken such a potentially hostile position domestically.       

** I should note that the AP does begrudge the American people questioning such a buy.  It propagates the Costco argument that the federal government simply wants to save money by buying in bulk.  But the type of hollow point bullet and its usage are not addressed.  If these rounds are only intended for short term target practice, maybe the answer to this is for domestic associations to target practice with blanks or pellet guns that look and feel like the real deal in order to keep DHS’s stellar reputation above the fray.  This would keep DHS’s relationship with the voters above reproach.