Pants on Fire = Politico hit job on VA Conservatives

Many fact checking websites claim to tell the citizenry when news stories have been dishonestly relayed or are flat out hit jobs.  Unfortunately, most of these sites are left leaning and do not always live up to their claims.  Today, Alexander Burns of Politico, who has a long history of creating positive narratives for Barack Obama, is at it again.  This morning, with a hit job on Virginia’s conservatives.  I rate this story as pants on fire. 

The piece essentially laments the fact that Virginia’s conservatives are, being conservative, it’s called, “The GOP’s Virginia Problem.”  The article praises Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell, who is trying to raise the state’s sales tax as we speak.  Apparently, Democrat Burns doesn’t like Republicans or republicans issues so he has gotten other republicans who don’t like our issues on board to perform a hatchet job. 

Burns begins by blaming the entire Republican House of Delegates and Senate for McDonnell’s cowardice in refusing to protect the unborn through the informed consent bill last year.  It was these Republicans that ruined his VP chances, the Democrat claims.  Burns never stops to consider that maybe it was McDonnell’s opposition to over 80 Virginia Republican legislators and his own AG and current Gubernatorial candidate that ruined his VP chances. 

Politico’s “facts” are astounding, the piece blames George Allen’s Senate loss on the Virginia legislature’s informed consent abortion law, never adding that George Allen was revealed to be a blatant racist in a state with a sensitive racial history.  Politico glosses over the fact that Allen had lost before.  Burns doesn’t talk about Allen’s awful performances in debates or the strength of Kaine’s television commercials.  He doesn’t talk about Obama’s coattails or the realities of 2012.  It was the pro-life legislature’s fault. 

This “GOP’s Virginia Problem” article quotes heavily from Bill Bolling, the Republican openly weighing an independent bid for Governor against the Republican nominee.  Need I say more?  Alright I will. 

To cap it all off, he takes aim at Ken Cuccinelli, our Attorney General and nominee for Governor in Virginia.  He glosses over the candidate’s work on drug prevention, cracking down on electric utilities, the slave trade and instead repeats the lies concerning informed consent laws, where opponents claimed that although it should be legal to use sharp tools inside of a woman to perform an abortion, it should not be legal to perform an ultrasound in the same space. 

Finally, Burns enlists Brennan Bilberry to batter Cuccinelli’s record.  Bilberry is a Democrat working for Cuccinelli’s Gubernatorial opponent and Bill Clinton ally, Terry McAuliffe. 

Here are the facts: Bob McDonnell won the GOP nomination with little problem because he was a conservative during his time in the legislature.  As Governor, he has done little to push Virginia forward on any conservative fronts.  His time as Governor will be remembered as a time when our Governor didn’t stand up for anything except making it easier to operate a Winery in Virginia. 

Bolling’s record as Lieutenant Governor?  Bolling has done nothing with his eight years as Lieutenant Governor except bash the right wing of the party.  He is nice and likeable enough and fulfills minor rolls satisfactorily but has nothing to bring to the executive branch.  I guess you could say he is Virginia’s version of a new President Taft in waiting.    

Cuccinelli is a social conservative, but his governor’s campaign has been about lowering electricity rates and helping businesses escape Obamacare taxes.  Democrats will try to drag him and the party through the mud, but Cuccinelli’s record sets the path forward.  The Establishment may not like it, but he is imminently capable of winning and governing Virginia in a smart and effective way. 

We expect hit jobs from Democrats and politicos like Burns, but we need to minimalize friendly fire from our so-called allies.