Immigration time

Negotiations are under way for a bipartisan, grand immigration overhaul plan.  The goals of both sides are clear.    

Democrats have two.  They want more Democratic voters now and in the future.  They want amnesty for everyone here right now but they also want open borders so that the Hispanic influx continues to bolster their voting rolls going into the future. 

Republicans seek to minimize the damage to the party’s reputation in the Hispanic community and ensure the security of the border for national security purposes.  Republicans also seem to be dead set on making sure people who are here illegally, wait in line behind people going through the legal process.  The first Republican objective is in reality, a public relations strategy rather than a bargaining chip to be used going forward.

Thus, Democrats have two goals – amnesty now with as little change to the status quo as possible, while Republicans have two goals – slowing down the legal status that illegals obtain while protecting the border. 

As Redstate.com’s Erick Erickson points out, the Rubio “Comprehensive” immigration compromise continues to put the onerous on law abiding employers to enforce many of these laws or face criminal penalties.  That isn’t right. 

Going Forward

If the right is ready to accept that amnesty is going to be a part of the deal, they stand in a pretty good negotiating position.  Rubio can serve up leftovers of the old McCain plan and the Senate can pass it, but it really is the old House of Representatives that can insist on securing the border.  Republicans need to focus on that one plank or border security as the non-negotiable if they want anything out of this plan. 

Rs should forget about making illegals wait in line.  There is no putting the genie back in the bottle.  These people are here and making them wait a few years won’t help anything.  It is time to start mending wounds in minority communities not pouring salt on them. 

*I should also note that it is my personal belief that the reality of the politics involved compel Rs to hand over amnesty to all illegals, free and clear with no strings attached.  These concessions I offer, are only to get the party on board.  After this fight, if Hispanics are further alienated and no matter the base’s support of Rubio’s plan, we may have no choice but to nominate him in 2016. 

As far as the problem of adding more people onto the entitlement rolls, there is really no way to do this kind of immigration reform with citizenship, without taking care of these people.  What we should be doing is making sure this never happens again, that is the best defense (or the worst except for all the others) against the financial insolvency facing our entitlement community.        

Succinctly, Rs should demand proper funding for border patrol and potentially drone sweeps, etc., but in the end, pass a bill.