Obama’s Revenge

Many conservatives are beginning to think that the President has made now made his political fights personal.  Maybe it was the tone of the election, maybe he is just angry about the conservative revenge seen in the 2010 midterms, but Mr. Obama has entered into a new phase of his politicking. 

In his first term, he seemed to genuinely want to unite the American people but at the same time, was focused on pushing divisive policies which in turn caused dissention.

Now, Mr. Obama has taken a new tack.  He seems to be acting in bad faith and as Limbaugh and Hannity and everyone else stated today, he is simply looking for revenge.  First, it was the assault on the First Amendment.  The federal government already pays for abortions and birth control and so forcing Church organizations to also fund abortificients comes off as unnecessary.  It is as if he is trying to play hard ball. 

Now, Mr. Obama has done it again through his gun control proposals.  Coming down on hunters, committed patriots and Second Amendment groups seems like nothing but payback against a demographic that would never vote for him.  This doesn’t affect people on the left, who by-and-large go along with big government proposals. 

No one thinks that going after guns is what will prevent another Newtown.  Actually the opposite, these gun grabs cause firearm chaos overall.  Over 2 million guns sold in just a few weeks?  Obama has had the opposite effect from his stated objective.   

Then we have the major tax increase on the rich and the minor payroll tax on ALL working Americans.  The very poor and the very rich tend to vote democrat.  It is the working Americans that vote Republican.  That isn’t to say that there aren’t working class Democrats.  Every Democrat I know is working class, but they don’t form the base that is relied on like Republicans in the working class do.

Barack Obama’s legislative campaign is significant, not because he has championed programs that benefits his supporters, but because he is pushing initiatives that punish his opponents.  He isn’t the first President to call his political opponents “enemies.”  But it seems that he really has internalized that process.  His comments to Eric Cantor a couple of years back that “I won” seem to be the impetus behind it all.  He isn’t trying to push the economy forward or pass climate change legislation or immigration legislation.  He is settling scores with what Rush calls the “bitter clingers” – the people clinging to their guns and religion. 

In the end, galvanizing his opponents will only end badly for Mr. Obama’s legislative hopes and dreams next year.