Picking on the black guy

Today, Republican Congressmen Tim Scott of South Carolina takes his seat in the United States Senate.  It is a wonderful time.  It is a proud moment for all Americans.  It is the realization of the rights of all men that the Republican Party has stood for since its inception. 

But in spite of conservative pride in having a black republican ascend to the United States’ most exclusive club, we must also deal with those grasping for power.  With every new American generation, previous racial hatreds tend to blend more and more into the background.  Most Americans no longer define someone by the color of their skin.  White Americans have elected a black candidate for the United States Presidency.  Racial tolerance is on the rise while bigotry and racism is no longer openly tolerated.   

But without a race war to fight, the former power brokers of identity politics must create new enemies.  Make no mistake, these race-mongers will stop at nothing to retain the old established order of things where there are good guys and bad guys, where there are civil rights marches and endorsements and where black voters are corralled into voting for one party.  But the order is slowly changing, especially with Senator Scott, a hard working Republican businessman and politician, who is also black.

So it comes with little surprise and much shame that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s president, aptly named, Ben Jealous,  took to CNN to beat up on Tim Scott for his failing Civil Rights record on the NAACP scorecard.  Jealous didn’t mention anything tangible but we have to assume it is his record of pro-life opinions, pro-growth policy prescriptions for the lower and middle class and refusal to make continued victims out of black America that has earned him an “F.” 

As an evangelical, I know when a demographic begins to lose political clout, but it doesn’t mean I take to bashing those who are succeeding on my issues.  The pastor of my Church always says, “IF YOU DON’T ALREADY BELONG to a Bible believing Church, consider joining here.”  We should all be in the business of eliminating prejudice, racism, the mass abortion of minorities and poverty.  But just because someone is going about it in a different way from outside the tent doesn’t mean they should be demonized.  That is a hard lesson militant groups are going to have to learn.  The important thing isn’t that you fight against specific types of racism with a niche group, but that you fight for all people against all injustice on a broad scale.