We staved off Boehner’s tax hike! Now what?

Yesterday, many conservatives were dismayed to hear Eric Cantor (R-VA, two-face) come out and claim that House Republicans had gotten to 218 votes to pass Boehner’s tax hike bill.  Thankfully, enough conservatives stood up for the one principle that, above all others, they were sent to DC to defend – namely, opposing higher taxes. 

What is truly sad is that thehill.com is referring to Republicans who refuse to vote for a tax increase as, “defectors.”  That is where John Boehner’s leadership has taken our party. 

But Politico.com had it right with this: “The House Republican Conference turned its back on Speaker John Boehner Thursday, forcing GOP leadership to abandon its plan to [disregard certain] Bush-era tax breaks. . .”

This is why this site has been predicting that either officially or unofficially this is becoming a vote of “no confidence” in the Speaker and marks the beginning of the end of his Speakership.  He can’t deliver votes and he doesn’t represent the interests of the party.  Today, he was rendered impotent.    

What worries me is the show horses in leadership like, Steve LaTourette (R-OH), who is so angered by the defeat, that he is now openly rooting for the GOP to lose this showdown as retribution for embarrassing House Leadership. 

What House Leadership still seems to miss is that their hand is now stronger than ever.  Americans are not paying attention to this debate, they are preparing for Christmas.  The only news that is coming out is that Republicans are trying and Obama is blaming. 

If they would hold strong through the end of the year, then we would go “over the cliff.”  But, Obama would quickly come back to the table not wanting to push us into another recession, he would realize that it would now be his move.

The American electorate doesn’t blame a nebulous and faceless Congress for their problems, they blame the President.  The House passed an extension and is going home.  Lay this at Obama’s feet.  He caused this fissure with his demands for tax increases in the middle of a recession.  This is lunacy.  You don’t raise taxes in a recession.  This is pure ideology and the American people want the House to act as a check on the White House’s ideological battle. 

This may leave Speaker Boehner weaker, but it leaves House Republicans stronger than ever.  Everything President Obama has put forth is total and complete —-.  He hasn’t provided dollar-for-dollar cuts for taxes, he hasn’t budged on his insistence to raise taxes on job creators and politically, he has done nothing but gloat and crow over R’s.  Republicans don’t have a single reason to cut a deal with this President.
Even the vaunted sequestration will be reversed by the President.  He wants it reversed, he isn’t going to be the anti-military President now that his legacy rests on Osama Bin Laden.  Obama isn’t going to let 100,000 jobs in Northern Virginia dry up.  He wants to stop it as bad as Republicans, but he has calculated that he can use this as a bargaining chip with Republicans, so far he has been right.    

I don’t know how long the conservatives in the Caucus can control this debate, probably not for a month like the need if Boehner is out there cutting their legs out from under them.  But if conservatives can prevent a deal for four more weeks, Obama will cave.  As leader of this nation and facing a great recession, he will have no choice but to give into 80% of Republican demands.

AND, republicans in Congress will benefit from a win.  America likes winners. 

Obama needs spending to continue, Sequestration would be the anti-stimulus package, anyone who thinks he will settle for that is a lunatic.  He can be made to listen to us, but the election has restored the arrogant Obama of 2008 and it is time Republicans bring him back down. 

Congratulations to all of the grassroots conservatives who talked to their representative’s offices this week.  I spoke with my Congressmen’s office twice in two days.  He was leaning “yes.”  Cantor promised 218, but conservatives peeled some votes off.  There are a lot of activists who got involved that deserve credit for that. 

There are only three places to go from here. 

First, Boehner sprinkles some sugar on this smiling pile of dung and peels off enough votes to get it through.  Then the Senate will water it down even more, and then Boehner will do Obama’s bidding and pass it.

Second, Boehner caves even more and comes up with a tax increase to pass with House Dems and further endangers his leadership role.

Or third, and this is the high risk/high reward path.  Boehner holds out and fights this fight until he wins.  Obama can’t hold out more than a couple of weeks.  And during that time, the House and the right-leaning media has to be out there telling the American people that they aren’t willing to raise taxes on anyone because they pledged to their constituents that they wouldn’t ever raise taxes, it would hurt job growth and that Obama wouldn’t give at all on actual spending cuts.         

This is still salvageable for Boehner, he just as to believe that he can hold out the longest.  This isn’t 1994, he has a House full of passionate freshmen.  This can be done.

Time to shape up or ship out.