Indiana needs Richard Mourdock

The Indiana U.S. Senate race is coming down to the wire.  But if Indiana wants to create jobs and return its economy — not only to its pre 2008 position, but to its heartland manufacturing roots of the past – it is going to have to get business-friendly leaders filling its Constitutional positions from top to bottom.  This means electing great leaders like Mike Pence to the Governorship, but it also means electing Richard Mourdock.

If you are an Indiana resident who believes that businesses are bluffing when they threaten to drop health insurance rather than pay for insurance under Obamacare they can’t afford – vote for Mourdock’s Democrat challenger – Joe Donnelly.  If you want your leaders to keep chasing ambiguous promises about “cracking down on China” “closing tax loopholes” and opposing “unfair trade” as ways to create jobs, know what you’re getting.  You’re getting a protectionist policy that drives up the costs of the goods that we live on.  If that’s what you want, Donnelly is your man.  (I realize that R’s from top to bottom are running populist China campaigns as well.  The same criticisms would apply.)  But if you want solutions that work, you have to turn away from Donnelly.

Donnelly is out there campaigning as a small business/tax cut/job creating kind-of-guy.  To his credit, his voting record is centrist.  He isn’t a scary Elizabeth Warren Dem.  He is a lower case dem.  But he is someone that wants to manage the decline of America, not oversee its continued dominance.  He is someone that is more concerned with his liberal economic ideology than he is with creating a generation of industry in Indiana.

That’s not something you have to worry about with Mourdock.

Mourdock is a bread-and-butter conservative.  He is 100% pro-life.  He’s socially conservative.  He’s a foreign policy conservative that understands the nature of the threats we face abroad.  And economically, he is someone that realizes that the percentage of GDP that government spends must come down drastically and quickly.  He understands how tax cuts stimulate and grow the economy.  He is against amnesty (for those of you who are into that sort of thing).  He’s just an all-around smart and principled conservative.  He didn’t win the primary with wild tea party rhetoric but with principled stands against the establishment.

American greatness depends on having the right leadership.  Bold, articulate and conservative leaders that don’t shoot off their mouths with obnoxious talking points are exactly what we need.  Mourdock is that guy.  He is like Jim DeMint.  Bold ideas combined with a pleasant demeanor.  He would be a tremendous plus in DC and would join Jim DeMint in getting this country back on the tracks.

As this site endorses Richard Mourdock, the only regret I have is that I don’t have the opportunity to vote for him along with Indiana voters on Tuesday.  Richard Mourdock isn’t only good for Indiana, he is good for the financial problems we are facing in January and beyond.  We need Richard Mourdock.