Tammy Baldwin: Wrong for Wisconsin

If R’s plan on taking back the Senate and repealing Obamacare next January, they are going to have to elect Tommy Thompson to the United States Senate in Wisconsin.  While, Thompson seemed like the early favorite, 3-1 spending by Baldwin in the weeks following the primaries allowed this case to become competitive.  Now, it is truly a toss-up.    

Who is Tammy Baldwin?

Tammy Baldwin is the Congresswoman in the state’s Fifth District and she is running to become the first openly homosexual senator in the United States of America.  Now, the dailykos labels my language as “gaybaiting,” so beware, because discussing someone’s values is supposedly off limits when we’re delving into the gay community.  To her credit, Baldwin hasn’t made this race about gay rights.  But that is not to say she isn’t a radical on the issue.

Google this lady and you’ll find videos of her celebrating her orientation at gay pride parades.  When asked in a debate whether the will of the people of Wisconsin should be rebuked (71 out of 72 Wisconsin counties voted for the state’s marriage Amendment) Baldwin stated that she would in fact overturn the amendment.  She dubs it, the issue of “marriage equality.”   

Baldwin has played nice on some of her more fringe-worthy views, but the agenda that Baldwin represents is a far-left one.  She understands that this race is a referendum on the economy but that doesn’t eliminate her voting record.

If you want to know the focus of this woman, look at her voting record of “present” and specifically regards to voting present on a House resolution condemning Ahmadinejad for questioning the Holocaust.  When confronted by Thompson, she responded with drive by attacks regarding who Thompson’s 401K invested in. 

Baldwin has one of the more liberal voting records in Congress and has demonstrated that she is not a Russ Feingold type Dem.  She is a Barbara Boxer type dem.  She’s an ideologue and that isn’t going to fly in Wisconsin.

Conversely, I do want to mention that Baldwin has seemingly at times, taken stands against the so-called Patriot Act, and should be commended for doing so.  But the fact remains that although she may not want to expand DHS, she does want to expand almost every other branch and bureaucracy of government and we can’t afford more of the same.     

Who is Tommy Thompson?

Tommy Thompson is the former Governor of Wisconsin and current frontrunner in this race.  Although, recent polls have Baldwin slightly ahead, Thompson has the name recognition and the Romney momentum pushing him towards the finish line. 

More importantly, Thompson joins most republicans in having the ideas necessary to get America working again.  Thompson has presented the beginnings of the “REPLACE” part of repealing and replacing Obamacare.  He has ideas for incentivizing healthcare quality and is suggesting a middle-ground solution to the pre-existing conditions healthcare issue.  He is right on taxes and deficits and the economy.  Most importantly, he puts republicans in striking distance of 51.

This site hasn’t endorsed Thompson as his credentials, record and vision remain weak.  He endorsed abortion in certain circumstances, stem cell research in certain circumstances and is not in favor of national abortion laws.  Likewise, he has been on the wrong side of the immigration debate.  He is flawed, but he gets us a bit closer to reclaiming our country than Baldwin will.  She’s the kind of pol that cares more about a social crusade than she does about getting places like Wisconsin back to work – permanently and in a twenty-first century economy.

Wisconsin can do better than Tammy Baldwin with Tommy Thompson.