Elizabeth Warren: Dangerous for Mass, dangerous for U.S.

Elizabeth Warren: Dangerous for Mass, dangerous for U.S.

“Consumer advocate” Elizabeth Warren has taken a strong 7-point lead over Senator Scott Brown in the race for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.  This is one of the most frightening races in the nation because a true radial stands poised to take out a strong United States Senator.

Who is Elizabeth Warren? 

Elizabeth Warren defines herself as a “consumer advocate.”  A consumer advocate is one, who appoints herself to speak on behalf of buyers of products in the economy.  The implication of a consumer advocate is that businesses pose a risk to consumers and thus, these buyers need an advocate.  While there are times when a consumer advocate could be useful, for instance if the press, concerned citizens and plaintiff’s attorneys fail to do their job, their true goal is to essentially be the enemy of business.

The title is ambiguous and can’t help but remind us of Barack Obama being a “community organizer.” 

If this race was to determine the next senator from Mass in 1912, Warren could reasonably be considered an alternative to the big business loving republicans represented by William Taft.  But it is not 1912.  In this century, consumers are protected from big business.  It is business that is now not protected from government.  It is businesses that are fearful of re-investing in the American economy.  Business is seeking assurances not uncertainty and heavier regs.  But Warren has an agenda to pursue that has nothing to do with you getting a job.

It is no secret that Elizabeth Warren, lacking Native American Indian blood, misrepresented her national origin and racial identity in identifying herself to the Harvard faculty as American Indian.  Her mistruth was an attempt to endear herself to the affirmative action loving Harvard board.  It worked.  But it wasn’t true.    

Warren was the President of Harvard that barred Army recruiters from speaking with America’s youth on campus because of the nation’s compromise of “don’t ask don’t tell.”  This was an opinion that was inconsistent with her own, so she silenced the opposition.  Yep.  She didn’t believe that her beliefs should go head-to-head with other ideas.  She believed that other ideas should be shut out.  She is someone that champions greater legal rights for transgendered people than the rest of us.  She wants socialized health insurance, more powerful big banks and uncertain business owners.  Her policies are dangerous to a recovery.  That sums it up.  You want to exit the double-dip recession?  You want a real recovery?  You can’t do it with a Democrat Senate.  You can’t do it with a radical like Warren pushing more regs onto businesses, making banks weary of lending and restricting growth. 

If Americans really want Congress to work together, they are going to have to stop ousting people who are willing to work together.  Scott Brown voted for Dodd-Frank.  He never had a problem with raising the debt ceiling for Obama.  He met D’s halfway when the time called for it.   

You want bipartisanship and growth?  Vote Scott Brown.  You want stagflation?  You want someone to help manage and speed up the decline?  Vote Warren.  She isn’t your daddy’s Democrat, she is a radical that is seeking to remake American social, economic and foreign policy. 

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