Sherrod Brown: too extreme for Ohio

Senator Sherrod Brown isn’t content with the Obama economy he has helped yield during his six years in the U.S. Senate.  Like the President, he wants more time to drive jobs away and allow the double dip recession to take hold.  At a time when we need the economy to get moving again, Brown is pushing a litany of New Society programs adverse to a growing economy. 

And that is why he is so dangerous.

In opposition is Josh Mandel, the young Tea Party, conservative, Army vet.  Currently, Mandel is behind in the RCP average by 5.2%. 

Mandel is the state’s Treasurer and although he is a young candidate at 33, his views fall more in line with Ohioans than the far-left views of a stagnant economy in Senator Sherrod Brown.  It would be an understatement to say that Brown’s liberal voting record puts him outside of the mainstream.  But his commitment to American made products and jobs has endeared him to voters.  If we don’t step it up, he is going to continue a policy of pushing left-wing legislation rather than getting people back to work.

Brown isn’t cruising to re-election.  For starters, he can’t reach 50% approval because like Obama, he is a divider claiming to be a uniter.  He is extreme on every count.  Brown is a huge pro-abort.  He stands against traditional marriage, votes along with Self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders most of the time and his liberal record ranks him in the top five percent of most liberal U.S. Senators. 

And what does Brown have to offer in this race to get American growth back on the rails? 

He champions taxpayer bailouts to private companies that will never be paid back. 

He champions protectionism.  Meaning, he would tax cheap goods that enable the poor and middle class to live at the level they currently do.   

He champions heavy taxation on affordable energy. 

He fights for government workers to have bargaining rights that their counter-parts in the private sector, taxpayers, do not have.

He wants a trade war with China.

He is currently sponsoring a bill to crack down on those unsafe tour buses killing Americans. 

He wants to raise taxes on the people that are in a position to take a chance on hiring new workers.

How often has Brown supported Barack Obama?  95% of the time.

Sherrod Brown’s leadership truly demonstrates a bleak picture of the American rustbelt.  He believes that government will solve the problem of jobs fleeing overseas through more sticks, rather than providing more carrots for business to come here in the first place.

He doesn’t seem to know the first thing about job creation and worst of all, Brown has assisted Obama in sustaining high unemployment through incompetent leadership.  We really can’t afford six more years of Brown in Ohio.