Polls confirm Romney Debate #2 Win

The fix is beginning to come in.  Mitt Romney’s numbers are improving coming out of Debate #2 this past Tuesday.  The Media almost unanimously handed the W over to Mr. Obama.  What they failed to realize was that he didn’t have a message that was resonating with people who are actually hurting. 

As radio host Andy Dean put it, the President won, “most improved debater” on Tuesday, which is not the same as Most Valuable Debater.  Obama came out a lot stronger than last time during the most recent debate.  But he failed to convince a single fence-sitting voter, that his first term record was acceptable.  Worst of all, Obama failed to lay out a vision for the future.  He kind of just tells us that he plans on pushing through some of the stuff he couldn’t get through last time around.  As Rich Lowry has noted, he has completely failed to talk about the future opting instead to be obsessed with Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney may have more often talked over the President and even reviewed Obama’s policy failures; but it is the President who has centered his campaign on attacking Romney personally. 

A new Gallup poll out today has Romney with a 52%-45% lead.  Now, only 33% of this data came in after Tuesday’s debate and furthermore, I am the first to dismiss national polls as presidents aren’t elected by popular national vote.  But, a seven point lead this late in the game is big.  Rove is out there reminding voters that a presidential candidate with over 50% support in Gallup this late in the game has never lost the November election.  But we should also remember that it wasn’t until recently that we had swing states.  Dick Nixon campaigned in all 50 states.  JFK campaigned in 45.  It was as recently as Ronald Reagan’s second race that he won 49 states.  So pre-90’s rules don’t necessarily apply.  But the numbers are big nonetheless.    

The facts are that Romney has taken the lead in the RCP average and has forced Obama to campaign in …. wait for it …. New Hampshire today.  Obama is in real danger whether the media wants him to be or not.