Barack Obama: 25% approval?

The average approval rating of President George W. Bush’s first term was 62%.  The average approval rating of his second term was 37%.  The difference wasn’t a direct reflection of the wars or his policies.  It was that the election season attacks that didn’t seem to hurt Bush during the election. 

In the 24 hour news cycle age, the attacks actually gained lasting traction.  Although the Massachusetts candidate running against him was not strong enough to take on Bush, the attacks worked.  By the end of the term, many Americans believed that Bush didn’t care about black people, didn’t have a good war strategy and had no idea what was happening with the economy.  The attacks worked, and they served as a springboard for attacks on him during his second term.  These attacks along with Bush policies brought his rating south of 25% approval with the American people. 

Obama’s average approval rating for his entire term is 49%, that’s lower than Bush.  Though Bush’s number is higher due to the 9/11 factor and his 90% approval rating, these numbers are illustrative.  I don’t know whether Obama’s Massachusetts challenger will defeat him or not.  He is certainly giving him a respectable run-for-his-money.  But should Obama win re-election, his 49% approval number is headed for the tank.

Consider the man that we witnessed onstage on Tuesday.  He was angry and failed to claim responsibility for any of his policies, without prodding at least.  He failed to answer questions.  He failed to inspire hope – he encapsulated a fear that the American people have that this is the new normal.  The President couldn’t explain why he shut down Keystone.  He wouldn’t come clean on Benghazi.  Mr. Obama was less articulate than his challenger.  He couldn’t tell us what he stood for in the next four years besides Planned Parenthood.  He dropped his asinine promise of more teachers.    

The president was weak.  He obeyed orders from his opponent and begged for help from the moderator.  He smirked and lied his way through the debate.    

The respect of the world is reflected in Chicago’s failed Olympic bid and the Benghazi incident.  He may view himself as a leader and D’s across this nation may want him for round number two.  But most of America as well as other nations are not following.  His domestic policy is a revolving door.  Obama allows the economy to worsen why forcing Congress to fund new unemployment and food stamp initiatives so they can keep their heads above water.     

I don’t know who will be president in January.  But if Obama is, his honeymoon will be non-existent and the man will fail to push through a single domestic achievement.  His rhetoric is stale to us.  His ideas used.  His ability to work with opponents, weaker than ever.

An Obama second term could prove worse than his first term.  And for that, his approval rating could drop lower than George W. Bush.  It’s hard to tell whether America will be fooled twice, but if they do, it won’t be long before buyer’s remorse sets in and steadily dropping numbers will highlight the weakest president of our modern era.