Romney wins the debate

As expected, Romney’s win was not as clear as two weeks ago.  He was as brilliant, but Obama came prepared.  The left is already spinning this as a win for Obama.  This view cannot honestly be arrived at by any independent observer.

Romney was flawlessly articulate for the first hour.    

Obama was visibly angry and it showed.


Many are focusing on Candy Crawley’s violation of the debate rules in choosing to correct Mr. Romney’s mistake, while allowing Mr. Obama to talk at ease.  Crowley showed her true colors as a political hack.  Mr. Romney stated that Obama wanted to blame this attack on a youtube video rather than labeling it an act of terror.  A technically true statement.  All Obama stated in the Rose Garden was, “no acts of terror will ever. . .” while his UN Rep, Susan Rice, stated that it was NOT an act of terror.    

The Libya moment was a weak moment for Mr. Romney.  At this point, his strategy of allowing the President to respond was losing steam.  But it had Mr. Obama again, begging for help and Crowley was happy to oblige.  As were the “undecided” New York crowd of Democrats on a college campus cheering in Obama’s corner.    

After a debate full of half-truths and disagreements, Crowley SIDED with Obama in this debate.  This wasn’t like the first debate where liberals thought that Romney was allowed to bully his opponent or the VP debate where Republicans thought that the moderator allowed Biden to interrupt and set the temp.  This was a debate where the moderator, stepped in, in the middle of a candidate’s answer and took sides between the candidates. 

Crowley again, came to Obama’s defense when Romney brought up his Caiman Islands bank account.  Bailing Obama out as he looked to her for help.


There is absolutely, positively, undoubtedly, in every sense of the phrase no doubt that the media is spinning this one for Obama.  There was almost no chance they were calling this for Romney from the beginning.  The story the MSM wants to push is that Obama is making a comeback and that is what they will push.  But that isn’t what honest observers witnessed. 

Obama still didn’t grasp the reality show culture that this election season has unfolded in.  Obama didn’t see the writing on the wall during the republican debate.  These debates matter, and Romney is connecting better than Obama was.  It was Romney who effectively approached the audience and felt their pain.  It was Romney   

Romney’s win

Romney won the first thirty minutes of this debate hands down.  He was articulate, nice and forthcoming.  He broke down his tax policies in an easily understandable manner.  His response to the college student on creating jobs was a home run compared to Obama’s meandering and unfocused response. 

Romney was right on the President’s opposition to cheap energy coming through the Canadian oil pipeline.  But Obama was right to call out the Governor on his opposition to certain coal-fired power plants in Massachusetts. 

Mr. Romney had a litany of great remarks.  In response to Obama making promises for the next four years, Romney pointed out, “but that’s not what you’ve done in the past four years.”  When Obama interrupted the Governor, Romney responded, “You’ll get your chance . . . . That wasn’t a question that was a statement.”  It was a moment where an adult spoke to a child. 

Romney had another highlight moment where he lectured the President on how his budget will balance just like they had in business, the Olympics and Mass. 

Finally, Romney told the American people, “I think you know better, the past four years haven’t been very good.  You know what you’re going to get [with Obama].  We can’t afford four more years.”  These moments were brilliant for Romney.    

Obama fell short

Obama repeatedly, seemed to be nothing more than a whispering loser in the back.  While Romney was speaking, Obama could be heard in the background asking for backup from Candy or saying, “that’s not true.”  He hid from climate change like a coward, failing to mention it once in the entire debate on energy policy.   

Obama’s answer on Libya didn’t make sense.  At the time he found out, he was sending reinforcements, starting an investigation, ordering pursuit of the criminals and beefing up security at the same time?  He concluded by attacking Romney for releasing a press release. 

Obama attacked Romney on investing in surveillance companies that sell to China?  

Obama misled the American people in saying that Planned Parenthood provided mammograms for America’s women. 

Finally, most noticeably, Secretary of State Clinton put Obama to shame.  While she stood up as a leader and took responsibility for Benghazi, it wasn’t until Romney, Crowley and Clinton’s example pressured Obama, that he claimed some responsibility.  Yet he didn’t even go all that far before casting aside blame.  It sounded much like his economic argument that he inherited a bad economy. 

Romney took away debate number two because he articulated a future.  Obama couldn’t articulate a future or justify his past and thus failed to win this debate.